Enjoy Coconuts in Paradise!

The Coconut Factory is the only producer of a wide variety of organic coconut products in The Bahamas.    We use only organic,

wild-grown, non-GMO, coconuts, sourced

from several Bahama islands.  


Crave coconuts?

Then we are the place for you!    Made from the fresh coconut meat, our cold-pressed coconut oil, flour, chips, butter, milk, and shredded coconut are sure to satisfy your cravings.   Raw, nutrient rich, healthy, delicious, with the full aroma and taste of coconuts!   Just one ingredient...coconut!


Got coconut milk!

Our coconut milk is pressed from the fresh coconut meat.    100% pure concentrated coconut milk!      No added water or guar gum like other coconut milk brands!   Naturally rich, creamy coconut taste, great for cooking, in smoothies, teas, and coffee!

Vegan Coconut Cheeses!

Mozarella, parmesan, nacho, cheese dips, and more!   Dairy & soy free!   Keto friendly low calorie and simply delicious!


Oh yes, coconut for your skin...

Treat you skin and hair to the goodness of coconuts!   Handmade organic coconut oil soaps, including charcoal soap made with activated charcoal that we make from the coconut shells.   


...and hair!

We combine our fresh-pressed organic coconut milk with Bahamas honey to create our luxurious shampoo!   Handmade with the strengthening and moisturizing benefits of coconut oil and shea butter.


Coconut Rum Yum!

Let the yumminess begin with our sweet and smoothly delicious coconut rum!    Made with organic coconut and a Bahamian rum.   Enjoy three flavors:  original, pina colada, and yes, chocolate!


Coconut Coir Soil!

Keeping with our mission of being an eco-friendly company, The Coconut Factory, processes the entire coconut, leaving no wastage.   We are proud to be the only company in The Bahamas to produce coconut coir soil!    100% organic, renewable, and bio-degradable, your plants are sure to love it!

© 2020 by The Coconut Factory

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